Minnehaha Music Repertory Orchestra

Craig Randal Johnson, Artistic Director

Philosophy, Purpose, Action, and Accessibility

Minnehaha Music was founded in 2013 by Craig Randal Johnson and Hilary Santoni. Our mission is to cultivate a passion for great music by providing high quality experiences engaging both musicians and audiences. We are grateful for a partnership with the Edina Community Foundation.

A repertory orchestra reads and rehearses music from the well-known orchestral literature, less performed works from the standard orchestral literature, as well as newly composed music. A repertory orchestra affords the participant the opportunity to challenge and further develop her/his musical skill set, promote advanced musicianship, and broaden one’s knowledge of orchestral music.

Minnehaha Music Repertory Orchestra provides this opportunity to area musicians. The format is intended to encourage musicians who want to improve their skills, learn new music, and take another crack at music they already know. Musical selections will be rehearsed for two or three sessions, and then the orchestra will move on to new material. Since its first reading session in fall 2013 the Repertory Orchestra has played over 60 works, primarily from the standard repertoire. The Repertory Orchestra provides concerto reading opportunities from time to time.

Any musician who is motivated and capable is welcome to participate in this positive and intense musical experience. There are no age restrictions; younger inexperienced players as well as mature musicians who want to keep playing and challenging their musical capabilities are encouraged to participate. Younger professionals seeking to broaden their repertoire and review challenging orchestral music are especially encouraged to play.

Standard length orchestra rehearsals are held on Saturday mornings at South View Middle School in Edina.

Minnehaha Music has established collaborative partnerships within the community including Edina Public Schools, El Sistema Minnesota, InnerCity Tennis, and for the year 2017 the series Finnish Classical Music Past and Present. Our goal is to expand and enhance the love of classical music. Interested participants may be invited to be a part of these activities and/or performances.

Minnehaha Music Repertory Orchestra played its annual concert on November 13, 2016, at Dragseth Auditorium in Edina, Minnesota. Deborah Elias of Danza Española in the Twin Cities was the featured soloist in a concert featuring Spanish and Mediterranean orchestral music.


Minnehaha Music strives to make its performances accessible to all patrons. For questions or if you need assistance, please contact Hilary Santoni at 612-306-1101 or by email at: hilary.minnehahamusic@gmail.com

Minnehaha Music


For general questions and information, please email:

Musicians interested in participating in the Repertory Orchestra should contact Craig Randal Johnson at
E-mail: crjmhahamusic@gmail.com or call 612-804-9679


“...the conductor Craig Randal Johnson brought out the darkness in the music, kept the score and the singers well balanced, and made the climaxes pay off.”

'Opera' Magazine, London